Empowerment Through Mindful Living

Empowerment is not a topic I often reflect upon

Last month, I wrote an article for Nabalo Magazine.  They offered a number of topics that I could write about and I found myself drawn to the concept of empowerment.  It is not something that I often consider.  As a middle aged person, I feel I have been learning all along my journey how to empower myself and others.  By no means am I an expert at this but I wondered as my fingers brushed the keys if empowerment were truly a priority for me.

It brought up a whole series of questions for me.  Is finding a silent state and moment of calm my way of finding my inner strength?  Does writing about challenges I face through my illness strengthen me from the inside?  Does finding positive ways to handle adversity give me the strength I need to face the next hurdle?

Empowerment Mindful Living
Today is the day!

I’m pretty darn sure, if you’ve been following my blog for a while, that you know where this one is going….

Is what I do ’empowerment’?

As I wrote, I realized, that my meditation flowers that I reach to for guidance each morning, are my form of empowerment.  I gain confidence and resilience through watching them each day as we evolve together.  Using flowers is my assurance that even if I am feeling very unwell, that I’ll have a bright spot in my day (this is often enough to at least get me out of my bed).  More often than not, though, my garden walk helps me to build my strength to face the day.  Another example of gaining energy and motivation from inside myself.

Writing about and sharing my challenges, and connecting with others, helps me to build a fortress of resolve for that day when my thoughts may choose to turn their back on me.  Finding purpose during adversity is teaching me that darkness and light really do have to exist at the same time.  Gratitude is helping me to understand that I have abundance no matter my areas of lack.

So, today is the day.  The August edition is being published ‘for real‘ and I am in it.  I feel exhilarated, and excited, and truly grateful.  I am both proud of my accomplishment and terrified to send it out into the ether!

I also feel empowered!

Love Ingrid x


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Nurse plants…

I was introduced to the concept of nurse plants when I first went to the coast of British Columbia.  There is an incredible National Treasure and World Heritage Site called Cathedral Grove forest that is a must see if you ever get the chance.  It is one of those natural wonders that you climb into wondering if you have just walked into a fantasy or if you are still here on Earth.

A nurse plant, as explained in Cathedral Grove, is a tree that has long since died and fallen down that is now host to other plant life to grow from.  It is absolutely incredible to see the vast and enormous trees that are actually growing from a dead, hollowed out carcass of a tree.  These plants that seem to hang on for dear life to the very tenuous, decaying matter, are a natural demonstration of sheer and utter resilience.

Examples of nurse plants are all over Cathedral Grove and many other forests around the world.  It is all a part of nature.  Tenacity and resilience….they are out there wherever you look.

Being sick is also a test of tenacity and resilience.  It takes strength, courage, and resolve to decide every day just to ‘do it all again’.  Surrounded by the same four walls each day, and in the case of those with a CSF leak, lying horizontally for the better part of the day (if not all day for many) is definitely a test of resilience.  We talk about finding our strength in nature and looking to nature for answers.  I can definitely attest to the fact that I like to find these examples in the world around me in order to strengthen my own resolve. My daily meditations in my garden for all of Spring, Summer, and Fall have been my lessons in resilience.

Watching videos or movies about people defeating the odds and just ‘doing’ whatever it is they are doing despite any hindrances they may have are my favourite kinds of videos.  I love seeing people facing insurmountable odds and flourishing anyway.  I think these reminders are the nurse plants for people like me that sometimes feel that illness is getting me down.  They are the ones who have gone before, to show those of us still struggling, how to move forward and to find the right footing to grow ourselves.  In no way do I think these people are ‘dead’ as the nurse plants are in Cathedral Grove but they are what I cling to to know that the possibility of my blossoming is still there.  Seeing someone work through struggle and emerge victorious is what can sometimes give me hope to go on each day.

I found this mushroom, clinging to the side of a stump that we placed in the garden for decor.  It served as a great reminder for me that even in the face of very unlikely odds, things can grow and blossom. I hope that you have found something to cling to because I just know your blossoms are in there, ready when you are!

Love Ingrid x

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