5 Morning Wishes To Start (or Restart) Your Day

Can you make Morning Wishes a part of your day?

I recently came up with a simple list of Morning Wishes that I could make when I am feeling particularly in need of feeling at peace with my day.

Recently, I woke up completely discombobulated.  I could tell I was not myself at all right from the moment my feet hit the floor.  I had been awakened many times during the night with my mind out of sorts.  Random thoughts were coming.  Bad dreams or at least the feeling of the leftovers of a bad dream.  Too hot in the night…and then, of course, too cold.  Dog sounds waking me.  A car racing in the night down the street.

When I awoke, I felt disgruntled and not well-rested.  I was grumpy.

It’s not as though I haven’t felt grumpy before in my life.  Very rare, though, for me though, is to feel this out of sorts upon waking.

I tried to lie back down and say my affirmations.  I was half-hearted…I admit.

I thought a glass of water would help.  I sat quietly on my own.  I slowly drank down the water and felt a little better…but I was agitated.

I spoke particularly carefully.  I was cheery…if you can’t be happy then fake it until you feel happy.

Out to the garden for some therapy.  Coffee in hand, I headed out to my urban sanctuary. My little piece of verdant heaven.  I sat, listening for bird song.  I breathed.  I sat.


I asked myself to choose an activity that would help to bring me back to peace.

For some crazy reason, everything I chose was making me more irritated.  I tried blogging and ran into nothing but technical difficulties (4 hour delays to fix the problem kind of difficulties).  A craft activity that I was trying to finish went out the door so I headed to the craft store to work it out.  Got home with renewed excitement and dashed again.  On and on, all day long, I seemed to be blundering along at everything I tried.

Ugh! What a day!

I decided, for the next day to have a hope at getting off on the right track, I would write myself a list of 5 Morning Wishes to get my mind set on a better path.

5 Morning Wishes
5 Wishes

I hope they can help you too…if you are ever having the kind of day when you just wake up grumpy.

Love Ingrid x

The end of my day was much better….maybe just writing the list made all the difference.



31 Days of Wonder

Wonder truly is everywhere

Do you think you could add more wonder and magic to each day?  Are you finding it hard to break out of yourself and do new things?

As you know, my motto these days is to start each day knowing that something wonderful is about to happen.  I love this outlook on life because it truly makes me feel that even in the hard times, it is easy to remember that good times are not far off.  Searching for the good times is not hard for me.  I have simply to think about the little wonders that creep into my day and it brings a smile to my face as I prepare to sleep each night.

Earlier this Spring I wrote a quick 5 Positive Actions To Completely Change Your Day and I have been finding it quite useful throughout the summer days so far.

31 Days of Wonder

I decided to put together a handy list of 31 Wonderful Things you can do to brighten up your month.  By no means do I want you to feel that you have to follow along each day but I can assure you, I will be doing some of the following activities to spruce up my next 31 days.

Here they are:

31 Days of Wonder
31 Days of Wonder

I would be delighted if you wanted to follow along with me and share the ideas you’ve been adding to your day.

Let’s make it a great month together.  And as always, thank you so much for tuning into my SOMETHING WONDERFUL blog!

Love Ingrid x

P.S. You don’t have to start your 31 Days of Wonder at the beginning of the month…why not start today!?



10 Happy Things To Do Today

Being Happy Takes Effort

When I look up the word ‘Happy’ in the dictionary, this is what I found:


1. feeling or showing pleasure or contentment; 2. having a sense of confidnece in or satisfaction with (a person, arrangement, or situation); 3. fortunate and convenient.

Happiness in the Age of Lightning-Speed-Everything

It seems every time you turn around, someone is gauging some new trend on whether or not it creates or negates happiness.  We are perpetually on the lookout for products, apps, or fads that can increase of decrease our happiness quotient.  Is all this talk about happiness making us feel more unhappy?  Do we feel a lack because everyone else is talking about something we are not a part of?

I have been reading of late how ‘happiness’ as a life goal is replacing ‘success’. There is an interesting piece titled ‘Happiness In The Now Is The New Success Of The Future’  that addresses the issue. You don’t have to delve very far to find the topic discussed over and over again.

I get it, because we thought that freedom, promotion, opportunity, and early retirement were enough to lead us to believe we were having a quote-unquote “successful” life.  We are learning that money, position, prestige, and power were never what our parents or our parents’ parents had hoped for us.

Our parents just wanted us to be healthy and happy

Now it seems like the bandwagon has gone off its wheel hubs and we have to join the next fad or take off to the nearest ashram to find happiness.  Many of these articles and so called ‘self-help’ gurus don’t have a whole lot of advice on ‘how’ to build happiness into our daily lives.

The truth is, for me anyway, that finding happiness is right here at my very own fingertips.  And just like anything else in this world, there is no shortcut answer.  There is no flick of the wand to happiness.  We cannot fast-track our way there in order to double-down on the happy factor #28 despite the claims in How To Get Happy Fast and similar articles.

Happiness comes one act at a time

If you are dedicated, willing, and open-hearted enough to keep doing the actions necessary, you may find that your heart feels contentment and satisfaction with how things are going for you.

10 Happy Things To Do Today:

  1. Go for a walk:

    Despite all the advertisements for this race or that new fitness fad, walking is all you need to do to stay fit, to build muscles, and to get those endorphins that make you feel so good.

  2. People watch:

    Watching members of our community mull about and interact with the world opens you up to compassion and empathy for your fellow humans.  People watching gets you out and about participating as a valuable member of a whole community. Plus let’s admit it, it’s fun watching people and imagining what they are up to and what adventures they’re off to.

  3. Clean out a cupboard:

    Clutter in and around our lives can cause stress.  Start really small with just one part of a cupboard or closet. even one shelf at a time is ample to start the process of decluttering your life.  Believe it or not, clutter does occupy your mind which causes needless stress.  Plus it feel so great to have things organized.  Give the things you no longer want to those who need and you will up your happy quotient even more.

  4. Make something:

    Creating has the power to take your mind away from everyday worries and it releases feel good hormones.  It uses a part of the brain that often is only used for solving every day problems and it thrives on the ‘new’.  By creating we give the mind the opportunity to take a break from the low lying stresses we feel from our daily lives.

  5. Connect with someone:

    Ideally you want to meet up with someone but that is not always possible.  Looking at someone through video messaging makes it possible to connect with others and to build relationships.  It allows you to get out of yourself and build that empathy and compassion that are so great a boosting those feelings of happiness.

  6. Laugh:

    Laughing is a free dose of endorphins.  Do it often, do it loudly, and do it with everyone you meet.

  7. Treat yourself:

    It is important to recognize the things that you think you have accomplished.  Not everyone sees the efforts you put into something the same way that you see it.  Only you know how many hours you worked on something, or how hard you had to work to have something turn out the way it did.  This also means your treat can come from you.  I do not mean that you need to give yourself a diamond tiara every single day.  What I do mean is: don’t wait for someone else to recognize your efforts…recognize them on your own.

  8. Be quiet:

    Spend time every day being completely quiet

  9. Turn off technology:

    Allot some time every day with no technological distractions.  I know it’s hard to believe but we all managed just fine with quiet times when no one could get a hold of us. You can read about how I learned to be device free for parts of my day and how that lead to healing for me both physically and emotionally in Meditation Flowers.

  10. Touch another being:

    Many people live alone and are not able to get out but I encourage every one to have physical contact with a living being every day.  The one thing they teach you when you are dealing with someone who has cancer is ‘touch the person’.  The world tends to avoid touching people when they have illness even when there is NOTHING communicable about the person’s ailment.  Hug, touch a hand, hold hands, sit beside the person.  Hug, cuddle, and rub a pet if that is the being in question.  Giving love has the power to produce a very large number of hormones in all of us.

Check out my handy dandy infographic to keep close at hand if you need to boost your ‘Happiness Quotient’.

10 Happy Things
10 Happy Things by Ingrid Snydal
The world definitely needs a focus on happiness; there is no doubt about that.  I just happen to think it’s an inside job.

10 Happy Things are my SOMETHING WONDERFUL for today.

Love Ingrid x


Gratitude by Fiorenza Rossini

How Fiorenza finds gratitude in the most unlikely places

Fiorenza Rossini – Guest Blogger

The Busy Bee Community



I first met Fiorenza through her Facebook group, The Busy Bee Community. She hosted a 7 Day Happiness Photo Challenge to increase Gratitude for the things that surround us in our everyday lives.

Her vivacious enthusiasm for all things wonderful was contagious. I could just feel the smile in her voice as she wrote to each of us to encourage us to delight in the wonders we were seeing in each day’s photos.

It was later that I discovered she is originally from Italy, was raised in France, and is now transplanted to the UK where she lives and thrives in the light of positivity. She has a business specializing in NLP and Lifestyle coaching. The thing that strikes me the most about her site is her desire to make life better for others and a genuine wish for goodness to prevail in the world. Just the things I love to celebrate at Something Wonderful.

She states “My intention is to empower you in all areas of your life and to give self-care the place it deserves”.

This sounds like Something Wonderful to me!

Please read on as Fiorenza shares a moment of Gratitude she wrote about this week on a trip to NYC!




by Fiorenza Rossini


It is my birthday week while I am writing these lines, and I have loads of things to be grateful for, as you can imagine.

To start with, I am spending a wonderful holiday week in New York!

This a sneak peek of the things I am grateful for since my holiday started:

  • How easy it is, for us leaving in modern societies, to get on a plane to any destination in the world.
  • The feeling of happiness when I arrive in a city I love.
  • The feeling of connection I get because I’m trying to imagine details about the life of the strangers sitting next to me in the subway. (Do you do that too?)
  • Going to Sandy Hook Beach. I am grateful for that precious moment of peace and sunshine.
  • We are staying in a hotel room with a stunning view of Manhattan. I am grateful for this live picture I get to see when I wake up and while I am writing.
  • I am grateful for the friends I am gonna meet here, so far from home.
  • I am grateful for the birthday card a friend gave me and that I am carrying to open it on my birthday day.



That’s a good list, isn’t it? You may ask me: what are the things I am grateful for in my everyday life, and not only during my holiday?

That’s a great question.

As some of you may know, I live in London in the UK.

On Saturday evening Eastern time, I was happily enjoying a glass of rosé in Greenwich village when I looked down at my phone and saw that some Facebook friends marked themselves “safe” and were asking if I was safe during the London terror attack. Another one…

In a second I went from a very happy place in my heart to feelings of fear, sadness and I thought, “I’ll never be able to be really happy”.

I am finding it hard these days to feel safe, really safe. There are always been threats, attacks and whatever bad thing, but it has really been only a year since I am feeling it is real and that it can happen to me too.


The only thing that helps me alleviate my sad feelings is gratitude. When I think about all the things I have and that I am grateful for in the present moment it helps me realise how lucky I am. The more I focus on the present moment, little things I feel, have or see that make me happy, the more gratitude and happiness kick in and I let go of fear and sadness.

Daily gratitude is how I remember that life is worth it, that love can be all around us, and that there will always be hope.



This is my Something Wonderful for all of you today!  Thank you so much to Fiorenza for writing today and for being my very first guest blogger!

I hope your day is filled with gratitude!

Love Ingrid x

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Sowing Happiness

I tried something a little different for my blog today.  This is a piece I published through Adobe Spark.

I hope you like it!  Please click on the link: