I’m Ingrid

My name is Ingrid and I created this blog as a way of bringing goodness into my life and sharing my ideas with others.  I am able to set myself up for good things to come my way by having a positive outlook on life.  Like anyone in this world, I was not given a manual on how to make my life great.  I face obstacles, I have had struggles, and I have had glorious memorable experiences.

I am the sum of all my life experiences.

My intention

I am learning to make my journey more manageable and more enjoyable. Carefully planning my day, using my practice of meditation and setting intentions, and setting myself up for gentle success each day helps me achieve joy.

My life has not always been this way.  I am so grateful to the many teachers I have had along my life’s path who have lead me to the life I have now.

My challenge

I have recently been dealing with a year-long medical issue (Spinal CSF leak) and throughout the journey, I have managed to stay positive, and mostly happy, despite excruciating pain that had me clutching my head and crying in desperation.

A positive outlook is not an innate state but something to be nurtured. In speaking with others, it became clear that this was a problem for them too. I realized that maybe this was my chance to help.

If I can help just one person learn a tip or technique to make it through one day, and that day is just a little brighter, then it is all worth it for me to keep writing.

My hope

I think my strategies and ideas are universally beneficial to anyone who is just trying to make it through trying times…or just to make it through the day. I hope my blog can make it into your routine and make your days brighter

I hope you join me in finding your SOMETHING WONDERFUL and that you can make today just a tiny bit better.

Love Ingrid x