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Secret Mission Valentine’s Day

Hello My Dear Wonder Friends,

First of all, this is not a true post but more of an invitation to a secret mission.

As part of my *Elevation Group, we set out a plan for Valentine Week. I noted that there is a group of youngsters in every city and town that could really use your love around Valentine’s Day.  Children in hospitals often get left out of all the special days.

As a result, they may get a little something from good friends or family. These children will not get their little Valentine’s Day bucket full of cards from classmates and the school community.  Valentine Week is often a fun week at school.  There are often events planned and special dress up days; they are bound to feel they are missing out.

secret mission

If you happen to have the energy and the desire here’s your secret mission:

1) before you begin, contact your local hospital and ask them to put you through to the Children’s floor

2) ask permission to drop off generic Valentine’s cards

3) find out how many children are there and aim to send one each if there are not too many

4) next get a few cards from the Dollar store and write hopeful messages

5) finally drop them off at the specific floor in a baggie with instructions on how you would like them distributed


The staff will most likely distribute them evenly so the children will all get a few cards each. Since there are only a few children at my local hospital right now, the head nurse and I  have arranged to have the cards distributed to their other medical patients. Anyone there who is not doing so well could use a boost! (We all know that it is never a fun day to be spending time at the hospital

Sometimes, it’s a little secret mission that makes a huge difference.

I hope secret Valentine’s for local children in the hospital is their Something Wonderful this week!

Love Ingrid x

*There is still time to join the Elevation Nation.  We are working on various ways to make our lives feel better by contributing, honouring others, doing good deeds, and spreading kindness.  If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in, just let me know and I can add you to our private mailing list!

secret mission


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