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5 Meaningful Ways To Add Momentum To Your Morning

Do you ever feel the need to add momentum to your morning routine?

Life can sometimes just feel like the same old, same old.  Especially in these brutally cold winter months, I want to just curl up and let the hours wile away.  I might find that long stretches of time have gone by and all I have done is look at my phone. Scrolling aimlessly through a news feed that has little or nothing to do with my life.  I find myself searching for ways to add momentum to my morning.  A little something to pick me up and give me a purpose.

If you have any idea what I’m talking about, I hope you can stick with me as I share some of the morning routines I use to add momentum to my day.

5 Meaningful Ways To Add Momentum To Your Day

  1. Connect with yourself: In this ‘rush rush’ world that we have created, we have often forgotten the importance of connection.  My first connection is with myself.  I do a morning body scan before I even get out of bed. You can read all about it in my piece called 5 Things To Kick Start Your Day.  Maybe you prefer to do some stretches or a meditation.  Whatever it is, make sure you are on board with how you are feeling. Are you feeling too hot? Do you feel rested?  Do you feel vibrant and energized?  Really take your time to connect to yourself and see what is resonating with you.
  2. Find your daily rhythm: are you feeling delicate? Maybe you need to start your day with some soothing music.  On the contrary, maybe this means you need to blast the Aretha Franklin and get energized.  Are you feeling alive?  Perhaps a quick run on the treadmill is in order.  Maybe you feel vulnerable (I know that dealing with chronic illness I feel this way often). This is when I pull out my daily inspirational reader and do some digging.  You can look up a word such as ‘resilience’, ‘patience’, or ‘courage’ and read pages that pertain to that thought.  Daily readers can be a great way to start on the right foot and they really do add momentum to the rest of your day (there are online versions of the same thing that will send an email to your inbox).
  3. Spark your creative side: I have a friend who told me, years ago, that if you want to trigger your creative side you do everything in your morning routine with your left hand.  We were just talking about it recently.  We came to the conclusion that you have to be more present and in the moment by doing everything with your opposite hand. We always thought it was the left side/ right side thing.  Upon further discussion, perhaps just doing things with your opposite hand makes you ignore all the nonsense chatter in there. That way your mind can become hyper-focused.  Try it…I promise it really makes things come into focus!
  4. Get going: sometimes if we spend a lot of time hemming and hawing about how we’re going to start our day, we get stagnated and then things stumble along kind of ‘out of place’.  Have your morning ritual, just like any other day, but then get charged by jumping into action. Write that email before breakfast, do a load of laundry, spruce up the bathroom that you were planning to clean when you got home from work.  If you do one really easy, quick chore, it tends to fuel your next moves…and that gives your day a direction!
  5. Build on your previous success: I’m not reinventing the wheel here.  We all know the feeling of being ‘on a roll’ and being in the flow of things.  Once you get yourself in motion, with one or two tasks under your belt, you are more likely to keep going. I find the days when I have been able to get a couple of items off my ‘to do’ list first thing, that’s when things fall into place.  It then leads to making that grocery list, getting dressed and out the door to do errands (or off to work) and then my day just seems to have a gliding aspect to it.

Getting going first thing in the morning really makes life easier and helps to add momentum to your day.  Once you get the hang of taking the lead, you may find your days feel more fulfilling and more productive.

I hope this is your SOMETHING WONDERFUL for today.

Love Ingrid x


5 Ways to Add Momentum


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