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1 Simple Way To ELEVATE

Where did this notion to ‘ELEVATE’ come from?

I decided to write a blog post on December 13th about what my motto would be for the coming year.  I chose the word ELEVATE and published on December 31st.

To me, the idea behind ELEVATE came as a result of having such a fulfilling year last year in 2017. What was I going to do to make it even better this year?

I am not, as I have said before, a person who sets New Year’s Resolutions.  I don’t set a boundary of ‘lose x pounds’, ‘write a gratitude journal’.  I’m not exactly sure why but I just want to open the flood gates and make everything feel better right now.

So, I chose the word ELEVATE

For me, it was all about picking people up, lifting spirits, elevating the discussions, and leaving the negativity out of my life (whenever possible).  I think being informed is crucial.  But I also recognize that we tend to reinforce our own beliefs by engaging in activities that ‘look like’ our own philosophies or that agree with our opinions. If I only read The Globe and Mail then I only see stories that G&M writers think and feel about events.

What would happen if I started to read things that were not from or of ‘my people’? What if I started to see what I was seeing everyday from a new lens?

A new perspective came from a simple ‘Click’

A simple click on Facebook opened up something totally foreign and fabulous to me.  I am Canadian and we have a site on FB called CBC News.  I get to see some headlines that may appeal to me and easy-peasy, I get some tidbit of news. CBC news is a nationally funded news outlet but like any news, it has a bias.  It chooses a certain ‘kind’ of story to publish.

I discovered, there is a CBC News Nunavut site on FB as well.  And guess what? They talk about events and issues that are so different than the news I was reading, I became engrossed.  I cannot wait to see the feed come up each day because they are Canadians also living in this vast land and their lives are completely different from mine. I learn something absolutely foreign and unknown to me each and every day just by subscribing to my very own country’s secondary feed on social media.

A Simple Clic Elevate


This was my chance, just in one brief moment, to ELEVATE my knowledge, to elevate my understanding, and to elevate my dialogue about what is ‘going on in the news in Canada’. I get to see incredible pictures of the Northern Lights, I watch as they bring in their hunting bounty for the community, I see the wonderful community spirit that exists up in the Northern part of our county.  All of it was previously unknown to me and now I get to have a glimpse into their way of life each day!

You see, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to elevate what goes on in the world (but granted, those guys in space probably have a completely different understanding of the word ‘perspective’ and the word ‘elevate’).

So….3, 2, 1…Major Tom….it’s time to elevate your game and add Something Wonderful to each and every day!

Love Ingrid x


simple way to elevate

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