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Bullet Journal…Better Late Than Never

Bullet Journal: kicking it ‘Old School’

I will get to my bullet journal in a second, but first there is something I would like to tell you:

Right off the bat, I want to be clear, I do get paid a tiny bit of money if I get a lot of clicks on the amazon link for the Magicdo Brush Pens .  AND I will make a really small commission if that click turns into a purchase from you.  This is what is called an affiliate link and I want to be as honest as I can.  I will only advertise products that suit my mission of bringing SOMETHING WONDERFUL your way.  So…honestly…take it or leave it…I will not be writing specifically about the product it just goes along with this post.

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal As Art

So…having said that!

I have just gotten myself a few cheapo journaling notebooks from various stores. The covers I picked inspire me and make me feel like being creative.  ‘Bullet journal’ has been a bit of a buzz word lately.  Honestly, though, it just kind of ignored it all.

Until…one day when I was wandering around on Instagram.  I found a blogger who writes about her use of bullet journaling as a way to work through her mental illness.  Consequently, she was dealing with mental illness as a result of having a long term chronic illness that she had not yet been able to resolve….sound familiar?

So, I kept reading…

What is a bullet journal?

Essentially, a bullet journal is a way of chronicling your life in easy to use formats or in as much detail as you like. It is much like an agenda and a journal all rolled into one. You can log month by month, long term goals, daily checklists, etc.  They really are so versatile for all of your needs.

I started off simply by making pages with taglines at the top such as: Things That Make Me Happy; I Am…; Things I Love…; My Courage Gives Me…; and other similar headings.  Each heading served as a launching pad for me to be able to start writing.  Some days I write in paragraphs, much like my early days of journaling, as an angst-filled teenager, and others I do in point form (hence the name Bullet Journal).


Bullet Journal

A Creative Outlet

What I found most fascinating is how much time I could happily wile away as I made up my own checklists and formats to suit my moods.

Being confined to my home is a challenge in overcoming boredom a lot of the time.  In addition, much of that time is spent being chronically ill.  This has meant that I have to come up with ideas that I can achieve while being in bed.

I can sit upright (ish) for a 30-minute block or longer some days.  This is a great opportunity for me to use my creative side to come up with pretty journal entries. I’m not sure about you, but I’ve been obsessed with stationary stores my entire life; and pens, markers, pencils, and notebooks have held a fascination for me forever. (Don’t even get me started on washi tape!)

I remember my classmates used to bring back incredibly beautiful fountain pens and Claire Fontaine notebooks from their trips back home to Europe.  (Yes, I went to a crazy school where wrote with fountain pens).  This new hobby of mine is satisfying my desire to colour and write in fancy notebooks all in one!

Do what you love

Getting Started Is So Easy

I’m just starting to get the hang of bullet journaling.  Luckily, there are so many great examples out there of people who are masters of this new trend…and thankfully, they publish their ideas for all to see and admire.  I like looking through and thinking up my own twists on their ideas. I use Pinterest and YouTube to find ideas of how to set up my journal.  The possibilities really are endless.  There is no ‘right’ way to start your own ‘BuJo’ as they say!

My journals don’t look anything like theirs at the moment but the joy I am getting from delving into this new hobby is immeasurable!

Who knew all that doodling in the corner of my notebooks would be a source of great joy for me so many years later!

I hope you have SOMETHING WONDERFUL that brings out the creator in you!

Love Ingrid x

Bullet Journal

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