Spinal CSF Leak Foundation Giving Tuesday


Before I begin today, this is not one of my usual posts where I will be sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly of dealing with my illness.

This kind of post will ONLY appear at two times of the year from me…I promise. 

There are two times in the year, that the Spinal CSF Leak Foundation makes pleas for donations.  This Foundation has been instrumental in guiding me and my doctors to a plan for health and hopefully recovery from the debilitating illness that I have been up against since March 2016.

spinal CSF leak Giving Tuesday

The Founder of the organization, Dr. Connie Deline, actually took the time to email me personally to give me advice and she generously spoke on the telephone with my doctor in Ottawa.  She got me in touch with experts in the United States and has guided my care from afar AND WE HAVE NEVER MET!!!

As I mentioned there are two times a year when the Spinal CSF Leak Foundation does fundraising to build their coffers so they can help people like me.

Believe me, I have a very hard time asking anyone for money.  We all have a rough time, especially at this time of the year when funds are tight.

But this is a RARE opportunity!

Spinal CSF Leak Foundation Giving Tuesday

Through the Spinal CSF Leak Foundation Facebook Page, there is an anonymous donor who will double the donations to $10,000 making it $20,000.  So this is a great opportunity to double your donation!  In addition to this, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has agreed to double any donations made on November 28th, to any FACEBOOK PAGE until a total donation of $1,000,000 (meaning $2,000,000) has been reached meaning you have to act fast once it is 8AM EST on November 28th. This means the donations to the Foundation could be TRIPLED!!!

A wonderfully generous donation of $25 will be increased to $75…just like THAT!!

Spinal CSF Leak Foundation Giving Tuesday

I would be most grateful if you would consider making a donation to Spinal CSF Leak Foundation either before or on November 28th, 2017 (8AM EST or 5AM PST)!!

You can follow the link HERE.

It really would be SOMETHING so so so WONDERFUL!

Thank you all for a year of hope, encouragement, and strength as I have stumbled along in my journey with this challenging illness.

Love Ingrid x

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