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The November Drearies

Not sure if ‘The November Drearies’ is a thing but it sure feels like it!

It feels a little bit like an age since I have written a ‘real live’ blog post.

Coming off of last week’s Gratitude Challenge means that a whole bunch of things happen in my life, but I leave them out for a blog post.  But then, I don’t always get around to posting about the incident until much later.

November Dreads

I have to tell you, I was dreading the arrival of November.  I cannot pinpoint the exact nature of the reasons why this is, I just kept getting this yucky feeling about it being November.

I was off to an appointment in Ottawa last week, and the feeling of heightened tensions seemed to be all around me.  My Honey even commented on how folks were driving a little more aggressively.  How impatience seems to be on the tip of everyone’s body language.  How the season of giving and receiving ‘thanks’ always seems to be accompanied with so much angst, agitation, and desperation.

November Drearies

Not A Happy Milestone

November also tilts the clock for me.  The unbearable passage of time that clicks through another milestone…but not the happy kind.  I didn’t actually know for sure when I clicked by this milestone until two seconds ago (I’m writing on November 10th).


It has been, 601 days since my (CSF leak) headache started.  85 weeks and 6 days…it’s just too many hours and seconds…it’s a lot…obviously.

My goal for November is to make this one fraction of a second be noticed and then to move on.

I will not dwell on a number

I will not let that number define me

I will not wallow in a number.

New November Mantra






November Drearies

These are my new markers.  These are my new milestones.  How many acts of love can I offer?  How many times can I choose to breathe in my moments of despair?  How many people can I thank for their attention to my needs?  How many people can I find in my life who are helpers, and encouragers, and courageous kindness warriors?

Now those numbers are worth dwelling on!


Love Ingrid x

P.S. The date duration calendar is so cool!  You can calculate how much time has past between any two dates…a little fun for you if you ever feel curious about that kind of thing!

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