Day 7: November Gratitude


Well, you’ve made it Wonder Friends…the 7 Day Challenge for November is complete.  Thank you for embarking on this wonderful week of Gratitude with me.  I can feel the creeping feelings of November’s darker days slowly melt as I become more aware of all the sunshine that lives inside of me.

Having a Gratitude Focus has started this busy month off on the right foot for me, to be sure.  I hope you will consider super-charging your month by repeating these 7 Days of Challenges and see where it all takes you.

Today, we slow things down another notch.

I know for myself, I will be vigilant about my attitude toward others, especially given the constraints of a job where your ‘Sunday’ is not Sunday at all.

I never was very in favour of Sunday shopping when it became a thing in Canada.  I have always felt so sorry that all those folks out there don’t get to lounge around in PJs with a bundle of kids and watch cartoons together drinking a cup of tea and eating Cheerios out of the mini-boxes!

Now that we have made ‘busy’ a religion in our society, I feel even more strongly that my kindness and love need to be doubled down on a Sunday because I know…I got to snuggle with my mom on Sunday, I got to watch The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday with my whole family, and I got to have Sunday Supper mean a warmth in my heart and a memory of roast beef right there in my mind’s eye when I think about it.  I know I’m one of the lucky ones!

Thank you all for coming here to this page to ‘show up’ for gratitude, to ‘show up’ for compassion, and to ‘show up’ for letting people into your life by being just a little more vulnerable and for slowing things down because it really is the ‘best thing’.

Sunday Gratitude…

Day 7 November Gratitude

Just looking at those beauty lines is SOMETHING Truly WONDERFUL!

Love Ingrid x

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