5 Tricks For Better iPhone Photography

iPhone photography is my new passion

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled on one of those ‘sponsored’ posts on Facebook.  It advertised an iPhone photography course that was available.  I watched the little introductory video by iPhone photographer Emil Pakarklis.  He talks about the availability of taking your iPhone out of your pocket and quickly getting the shot you want. This is something I do all the time when I’m out in my garden.

Since, I know next to nothing about how to take good pics with my iPhone, I continued to watch the video. He shows beautiful photographs that are all, quite unbelievably, taken with his iPhone.

I don’t have any money right now to take a course, due to my illness, but I did watch him closely in the promo.  I noticed he was manipulating the screen a lot when framing his shots.

As a result, I decided to head out to the garden that day to figure out what he was doing with his iPhone.  It was amazing!  In two or three tries, I discovered a bunch of really cool things about the camera on my phone.

5 tricks for better iPhone photography

  1. get your camera ready to take your shot and tap the screen to hone your focus
  2. use your finger to make your frame lighter or darker by scrolling the sun icon
  3. once you tap the camera to focus, then zoom in super close, tap the screen again for super close macro shots
  4. hold the camera in landscape mode and use the volume buttons as a shutter
  5. use ‘slo-mo’ mode to take a short video that is slowed down (perfect for bees and butterflies)

First and foremost, these tips may be obvious to all of you however they are all new to me. They are making it exciting to go out and try my new iPhone photography tips.  Incidentally, I am sure the video course by the iPhone photographer would go into much more detail. Be that as it may, I look forward to simply stumbling upon any number of other great features on the camera of my phone.

A few of my recent photographs

In any case, I did manage to take these photos with my phone and I think they turned out pretty nicely.

This slo-mo video of these butterflies this morning was a wonderful surprise too!


Phew! I can’t believe I figured out how to do that!

I think iPhone photography is truly SOMETHING WONDERFUL.

Love Ingrid x



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    1. Thank you, Brigid. And yes, the slo-mo is a delightful feature as well. I created a YouTube account and it allows for super easy uploads to your page. Good luck and please let me see your next generation of photos!

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