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Motivational Messages: Just What Someone Ordered

Motivational Messages and Reminders

Motivational messages and reminders are all the rage these days.  Just open any link and there’s a quick mantra to remind us to keep our thoughts in check. Look at any Facebook account and you will surely see some post about a favourite quote.  Each offers a message or saying that tries to encapsulate the feeling of the day.

Let me state, right off the bat, as my readers already know: I am a huge believer that the language we use can affect the attitude we create.  My belief is that it goes right down to the cells in our bodies. A positive message at the beginning of the day can set a positive pace.  We have an expression that perfectly describes this effect.  ‘You just made my day’!  Meaning that someone’s words just changed my attitude.  Those words just made me feel more positive about my day.  My outlook, in effect, was changed by words.

This phenomenon is present all around us.  Shakespeare is often quoted ‘whether you can or you cannot…you are right'(except I think it was Henry Ford who really said this). We can all identify a time that we felt guided by a message that changed our attitude.  In fact, we created the attitude by what we told ourselves on the inside.

But how can we use motivational messages to improve our outlook?

A few months ago, I wrote a piece called ‘A few words from a friend‘.  In it, I outlined some of the ways I use snippets of language to help boost my mood.  Quotes from websites or excerpts from a novel or poem that strike me, I keep in the Notes section of my cell phone for later.  I love reading these motivational messages when I am waiting for medical appointments. There seems no better time to embolden myself with words from someone who empowers me. I like to take them out to read over in the morning to start my day off on the right foot. I keep them laminated for bookmarks as well.  They serve a great purpose and I love the surprise of reading a favourite quote when I pick up a book.

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Symbols of motivation

I have a number of pieces of jewelery that have particular significance to me.  A post I wrote talked about a Tree of Life pendant that gives me strength when I feel vulnerable.  This pendant serves as an internal motivational message when times get tough.

I also never go to a job interview without wearing one of two beautiful pieces that my husband gave me years ago.  One is a fossilized piece of stone that reminds me of resilience.  The other, a gorgeous silver piece he got in Alaska, that is a Native representation of Lovebirds.  It features the Raven and the Eagle, a symbol of creation, and also carries the meaning of marriage. It helps me to feel calm and relaxed when I know we are ‘both’ there at an interview.

Motivational messages of a different kind

About a year ago, I found an advertisement for Motivational Tattoos out of the UK.  At the time, it was a website, I wrote to them to find out about their tattoos. The appeal of these delightful quotes, was that I could see myself handing these out to students in my Grade 6 class, so I bought a set. I received their fabulous band aid shaped motivational sayings that you can temporarily ‘tattoo’ onto yourself.  I have to say, I love them!


Wonderful shops with Motivational messages

As I was browsing Etsy, my search for tattoos got me going down the Rabbit Hole a little, and I found a bunch of sellers with fabulous ideas for you. If you want to send along a motivational message to someone that you think might need it or simply if you feel that this could be just what the doctor ordered….

Here is a quick list of a few of the ones I was particularly attracted to…in no particular order:

I have not been paid by any of the shop owners mentioned in this post.  I asked each owner for permission to share their photos and to mention their shops and was granted this permission by each individual.  I receive nothing in return for mentioning these businesses and share them with you simply because I think their items suit the message of this post.  I do provide links to their pages for you, my readers, in case you would be interested in seeing what they have to offer.

Motivational Tattoos

Positively Alive

There was a Motivational Tattoos Etsy shop but Nadia Billingham from Positively Alive is selling the items now.  The original owner of Motivational Tattoos is unable to continue but has given the rights to Nadia. Her Etsy shop Positively Alive is continuing to sell the items and was kind enough to give me permission to use the images from the shop to give you an idea of how super these tattoos are. I love that some are bright and cheerful and others appear clear. They are perfect as they’re small enough to hide somewhere so that only you can see them if you choose.  Their inspirational and motivational messages are just great.

Silver Handwriting

Vivian Wood of Silver Handwriting makes incredibly charming and dainty metal bangles with motivating sayings punched into them.  I think her bracelets are inspirational and will be putting them on my list of treats for my friends come holiday season.  I can already see a nice stack of these on more than a few wrists.

Motivational Message
Motivational Cuffs

They really are so beautifully made with a lot of attention to the overall aesthetic of each piece. Understated is often the most stunning and beautiful and these really fit the bill.  The custom skinny cuff is my favourite of the collection, although with the ability to add your own handwriting and design your own piece, the options really are endless.

Shop Something Blue

Angela Schade of ShopSomethingBlue has a tremendous collection of custom items in her Etsy shop.  She lists more than 300 items from pendants, birth stone jewelry, and motivational and inspiration pieces.  It was this latter grouping that caught my eye and I was particularly attracted to the engraved necklace with ‘Brave. Strong. Smart’ stamped on it.

motivational message
Brave. Strong. Smart

Angela also does some personalized items with dates, names, initials, etc.  Her Shop Something Blue shop is wildly popular with over 20,000 sales and a bunch of awesome reviews.

Dreaming Mandalas

On a slightly different tangent, I started looking up yoga related items and stumbled upon Sonia Caporali’s shop called Dreaming Mandalas. She has magnificently vibrant Mandalas on pendants, paintings, and even a few mandala tattoos.  A quick search of the meaning of mandalas will tell you that they represent balance and unity and are often associated with our wanting to find or recover our inner balance.  I love the Mandalas in Sonia’s shop and asked if she would agree for me to feature her in my blog post.  I love the idea of a pendant or tattoo with a mandala when I feel particularly off balance or out of sorts.

Motivational message
Mandala Tattoo

Mending The Lost

Mending the Lost shop on Etsy is owned by someone who also got permission from Motivational Tattoos to produce this ‘I am enough’ brooch.  And I cannot tell you how serendipitous this felt to me.  I had just had a Brené Brown TED Talk binge (as I do about every 6 months or so).

motivational messages

If you haven’t yet discovered the fabulous Brené Brown, I invite you to click here to get yourself up to speed on all things BB and living with authenticity.  She is a beacon of light and hope in the world right now and her books, website, and TED Talks have been a huge inspiration for me.  I was thrilled to see that Mending The Lost had this darling pin.  There is only one left as of this writing so you may want to scoop it up!

Beloved Crystals

Amy Coates from Beloved Crystals has an impressive array of items featuring crystals and stones.  Her store tag line is ‘Reiki infused jewelry made with pure positive energy’ so I was sure to take a closer look. As you know from my previous post about Making my own Mala, I had a really positive experience with tuning the stones of my mala and feel that this kind of amulet or bracelet can help to keep a positive attitude.  If your bracelet is worn with your own intention in mind it could have the power to heal and the power to align your thoughts.  I was particularly intrigued by the darling amazonite bracelet seen in the photo but frankly there are so many great pieces to choose from.

motivational message
Amazonite Reiki Bracelet


Motivation is everywhere

There are many, many more sellers on Etsy who sell items with motivational messages.  The list would be far to long to mention.  I simply offer these shops because their pieces had a special appeal to me when I was trying to find a way of boosting my own mental well-being.

What do you use to help you get in a positive frame of mind?  Do you have a special item that symbolizes ‘motivation’ for you? Do you use motivational messages to repeat to yourself in order to harness your inner strength?

I would love to hear (and see) the things you find are the most helpful to you for getting yourself motivated and empowered to face the world.

SOMETHING WONDERFUL happens when I wear my motivational messages!

Love Ingrid x





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