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Nature’s Sense of Humour: Adorable and Unpredictable

Nature’s Sense of Humour

Sense of humour, you ask?

Have you ever been caught in a torrential rain storm just minutes after deciding to leave your umbrella at home?  Out and about, at 13 years old, with just enough courage to wear your very first halter top with no bra, only to have a seagull plop on you full back and centre? (true story).  Fenced all around your garden to prevent rabbits from eating all your veggies, only to go watch a squirrel devour all your freshly emerged corn (sadly…also true…this year…lol).

Nature has a crafty and cunning sense of humour

We can often be reminded of nature’s sense of humour when funny little incidents seem to come up. We’ve all indulged in a few too many ‘crazy nature shots’ on the internet, I’m sure. Giggling and tittering as carrots emulate human forms, an owl seemingly laughing, or a turtle gleefully riding a larger turtle (honestly…the cutest smile on that turtle…see the link above).

I have been very lucky this year, in my garden, with bushels and bushels of cucumbers of every variety.  You all know how much I love to be in my garden.  I guess all the rain we had in July was just what they needed.  As a result, we have had a bounty almost every other day. We have several areas of gorgeous cucumber vines strategically placed in our veggie patch.

Just the other day, I was out picking my morning cukes.  There, amid all the huge green prickly leaves that shade the plants so they can grow, I found the most delightful little anomaly. Mother Nature never ceases to tease, as I could see.  In this large area of four or five different varieties of cukes, unbeknownst to me, a glorious yellow gourd has thrived along side its cucumber friends.  The darling is now hanging gloriously up along the cucumber vines and is competing valiantly for exposure and morning moisture.

The joke was on me

I took one look at this little guy and I just had to laugh.

natures sense of humour
Gourd in the garden

Somewhere in planting season, we either got the plants mixed up or a seed from last year got mixed in and took root.  What a great reminder that a curve ball can be a time to stop and laugh and realize…I am not in charge of this roller-coaster ride.  I am just a rider.

Do I pay to get on and ride again? Or will I sit on the sidelines and watch it all go by?

I choose getting right back on

It can be an everyday reminder like the one I describe that can get me right back on the treadmill ready to gather my strength to face another day.  It can get hard to find motivation when I suffer day after day from my illness.  Even when I’m healthy and well, I can get down in the dumps.  Looking for little jokes from the universe can be just the remedy for a feeling of desperation.  The right timing can make a deficit feel like a plus!

Have you ever just had a big old chuckle when something blindsides you?  Have you ever had that feeling that you just can’t help but laugh when things go sideways?

I would love to hear about your experiences with how nature has played a trick on you too.

I hope Nature’s sense of humour can be your Something Wonderful for today!

Love Ingrid x



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