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Secret Notes to Strangers

Strangers Need Love and Encouragement Too

I just wanted to write a little note about a neat little activity I have signed up for in case any of my readers may be interested in joining along. It involves strangers and love…hear me out!

I was introduced to this idea from a Facebook post that a friend of mine tagged me in.  She and I are pen pals as well as being pals in real life. We both jumped at the chance to participate.  That’s because it involves writing letters and I just love a good old letter writing binge.

I have posted before about the #Lovenotesfairy project that ended up sending me dozens and dozens of handwritten letters from all over Canada and the United States.  This is one of the many truly wonderful ideas by Jennifer Belthoff who truly is one of our very own angels here on earth!

Well, this new activity is very much like that but it’s all about strangers.  The idea is to write letters from August 1st to the 31st and leave them around in public places where strangers will find your little notes of love and encouragement.

Sounds WONDERFUL…right?!

I cannot WAIT to get started!


Secret Notes Strangers
Crafting Notes for Strangers


If you’re interested in joining a wonderful group of individuals as we embark on spreading joy for the sake of spreading joy…head on over to the Secret Letters To Strangers Month-Global Kindness Initiative and sign up!

I hope this makes you feel as excited as I do.  It’s my Something Wonderful for today and it lasts for the next couple of weeks!

Love Ingrid x

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