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Wonders of My Secret Garden Oasis

My garden is my world at the moment

I have been writing about my love of gardening, and how I love to spend time out in the garden to start my day.  I took photographs to share with you today. I like to go out first thing in the morning because the light is perfect for photographing flowers.

As you know, I have been dealing with a CSF Leak this past year so often I spend days at home.  Often, the only place I can go is out to my garden for a few minutes in a day.  I am so grateful that it can offer me hope, peace, and calm.  It also provides opportunity, food, distraction, and a lens on life.  It is a place that even if I only spend ten minutes picking strawberries, I can feel productive.  My garden has been guiding me all these months. It gives me purpose and lessons beyond anything I could have imagined.

Wonders of My Garden
Lavender At First Light

Hopes for My Garden

I have many plans for the future of my garden. I like to think through how things will evolve over time until the day when I can do the work. This year, I decided to start writing a gardening journal (you can read all about my other morning routines in 10 Things To Do To Kickstart Your Day).

A dear friend of my mother’s had one and I thought I would try it.  I have recorded: dates of first planting, soil conditions, when I planted onions and garlic, what I planted from seed or seedling, and how things are progressing.  I have a drawn out garden plot annotating where everything has been planted this year just so I can change things next year if I need.  Every so often, I add information so that next year I can refer back to it.  It has become a treasure map of sorts.

Looking out at the garden and thinking through my plans for the future is an exercise that brings me hope. It offers a much appreciated distraction from my condition. It’s the time of day when the garden, my body, and my mind can work to heal, protect, and re-energize me to face another day.

A Snapshot of My Garden

  1. The vegetable patch: our vegetable patch was doubled this year as we realized how much we LOVE to grow our own food in the summer.  I am not even convinced, at this point, if it’s any cheaper.  But the joy we both get from tending our vegetables is worth every ounce of sweat that goes into each vegetable that ends up on my table.

2. A shaded sitting area: we got an antique, cast-iron bench and two chairs.  The previous owner had painted the chairs gold and this week it’s time to spray paint them white to match the bench.  Once I find an antique cast table, this little shaded area under our pear tree will serve as my late afternoon sitting area.

Wonders Of The Garden
Antique cast iron bench
3. Morning sunshine: my honey build this super fabulous shed last year.  I think it looks like an adult-sized doll house even though it has garden tools in it.  The little deck out front though is my little oasis right in the middle of town.  I spend time out here every morning when I come out to do my morning meditation.  The golden morning light comes right onto that deck and it bathes me in warmth to begin my day.

Wonders of My Garden
My Darling Garden Shed
4. Perennial beds: I plant almost only perennials in my garden because I just love to watch as year upon year the garden evolves and grows into its own.  I have many a spot that has been packed too full, but it just means more planning and separation for next year.

5. Patio and outdoor entertaining: this part of the garden is in the planning phase.  We had an aged old deck and chairs with a barbecue for having friends over.  Last year, we had to take down a huge old tree which meant the entertainment area had to go. We have great plans for a new patio but it will most likely be a couple of years before it all gets done.  I love having things to look forward to in my garden.

The Garden Shows Me How Far We’ve Come

It’s such a joy for me to think back to what the garden looked like when we moved here.  It has changed so much.  Each time we add something to the garden it feels like a monumental change until the next change comes around and we forget what it looked like once more.

Gardening really is my SOMETHING WONDERFUL for today (and every day).

Love Ingrid x




4 thoughts on “Wonders of My Secret Garden Oasis

  1. Thank-you for sharing your lovely pictures. For me, “seeing” where you live and where you recieve so much meaningful inspiration adds a depth of appreciation for your writings. It never ceases to amazes me how much “life” is present in the garden. So many of the things we can find inside ourselves when we take the time to “look” and “be” in ourselves. Creativity, colour and variety, persistance, patience… Wishing you a bright, growing day!

    1. Margie,
      You are so right about ‘seeing’…an interesting word in this context. We see what happens on the outside in nature and that allows us to ‘see’ ourselves on the inside. I love what you said here about all of it being there: creativity, colour, variety persistance, patience…you’re speaking right to my heart! Sending you love and healing today! Thank you, as always, for reading and responding. xx

  2. lovelovelove your early morning clovers, the lupins curving towards the sky, the cast iron chairs and table and trailing walkway between the beds…made me smile:)

    1. Lisa,
      You’ll have to come on over to be with me in the garden someday soon when the sun comes out and my symptoms cooperate! Thank you for reading and loving me. x

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