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I had a brain wave this morning as I was rinsing out a container of Kefir.  If you aren’t familiar with the goodness of Kefir, I will be writing about it in a future post but you can read up on it here in the meantime!

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As I was washing out my white plastic container I realized that the nice tough plastic would be perfect for my outdoor garden plans.

I have just started a bunch of plants from seed and was hoping to do more seeds this weekend.  Last Saturday, I ran out of garden markers so I had planned a trip to the Dollar Store to stock up. In all honesty, they weren’t perfect because when I put the lid on my starter seeds, the markers were too high and so the lid is just hovering rather than making a seal.  I was going to have to see if I could find marker labels that were shorter this week and redo the ones I had started.  (I re-use them in my garden so they wouldn’t be wasted).

This morning however, I realized that by cutting up my Kefir bottle, I had exactly what I needed right in front of me. The bottle isn’t cylindrical but has conveniently squared off sides, perfect for writing on.

So, I just peeled the label, cut each side of the container, and cut into strips.

The outer coating on the plastic makes it perfect for writing on with a black indelible marker and now they’re short enough to fit under the clear plastic lid of my seed starter.

I also cut out the lid portion of the bottle so that I can make a nozzle for pouring out seeds or fertilizer or other items I have stored in bags (see directions at this site). I love finding easy solutions around my home!

I realize I am not splitting the atom over here and creating free energy for the entire world but in my world, this is my SOMETHING WONDERFUL for today.

Love Ingrid x

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