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Spring Planting

One of the best parts of going to the nursery to look at plants and seedlings is HOPE.  Every time I walk along the rows and rows of new flowers, ready for planting, I get a real boost.  I can feel the possibility!

Spring planting is such a fantastic time of year.  I get to plan out my veggie garden and sort out what to do this year to optimize vegetable yields.  Generally, this means a whole lot of labour but seeing as I am minding my healing process, this year it is a lot of pointing and allocating and no actual work (I am so spoiled)!  This time of year marks a time when I can anticipate the excitement of plants coming to life and future fun spent outdoors enjoying suppers al fresco and indulging in recipes made with my own ingredients.

My brain instantly goes to Greek salads and fresh peas and beans eaten right off the vine.

Flowers in the nursery are just a fraction of their future greatness.  They have no idea how lovely they will be or how much joy I will get from watching them all summer and into the fall.  The rows and rows of vibrant reds, oranges, purples, and greens inspire such hope and light and wonder.  The flowers in those pots carry so much meaning as I wander through choosing what glory to bring to my yard this year.

The flowers in the nursery are my SOMETHING WONDERFUL at this time of year.

Love Ingrid x

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