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Time Out from Devices

Being at home all the time means that I am using devices more than I would if my life were in its regular routine.  Not having work hours means I have to monitor myself to be sure I don’t spent too much time aimlessly browsing away at mindless pursuits.

As Spring has finally sprung here where I live, this means that putting my phone or tablet away is getting easier and easier.  And that mindless scrolling and clicking can take a back seat to tuning into the rhythms of nature instead of my next Spotify tune.

In an effort to build my stamina and to get back into my walking routine, my husband and I have been driving out to a local park area along a riverbank near where we live.  We load up the dogs and head out after a cup or two of coffee in the morning and we hike around the area.  We started off with just a 10 minute walk or so and have graduated to a good paced 30-40 minute walk with our puppies.

I used to keep my phone in my pocket just in case I could capture a great shot of my outdoor sanctuary but have decided to leave the phone behind to really capture the magic of being free of my devices.  I leave my phone in the car or even better, I leave it at home.  If we are going somewhere after our walk, I may carry my phone, but in those instances, I leave my glasses in the car so I can’t read anything even if I wanted to.

I have spent an entire week going out in nature with no devices.  The whole trip takes between about 90-120 minutes and it completely resets my clock.  Often when we arrive home we get onto other chores and tasks and it will easily be half a day spent before I head to my computer or my tablet to see what is happening.  This reprieve is having a wonderful impact on my current state of mind.

Getting outside.  Leaving my technological devices at home. Being out and present with my (fur) family.  Taking in the beauty of nature with no means of recording it, means I get to pay special attention to moments as they arise.  In an instant, the moment is gone so I had better be there to watch it happen.

So much changes in nature from day to day in Spring. A tree may be completely bare one day only to have the beginnings of buds the very next morning.  We are all in a rush for warm weather to come, so I had better make sure I’m paying full attention!

Being out without my device is my SOMETHING WONDERFUL for today.

Love Ingrid x

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1 thought on “Time Out from Devices

  1. I was so happy for you when I read this. There was a time when you couldn’t manage to be upright for more than 20 or 30 minutes and now you’re actually hiking for a good stretch of time! That is something wonderful 🤗

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