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A Visit From A Love Notes Fairy

Have you ever met a love notes fairy?

This week, I received not one but two love notes from complete strangers!  How fun is that?!

I got a cryptic message  from a dear friend of mine asking me if she could pass along my address to a friend.  I agreed…I mean…who doesn’t want mail?  So I wasn’t at all surprised, on Wednesday, to see a very encouraging note to spur along my healing.  I read the note (annotated with #love notes fairy) over and over.  It was on what clearly is a hand painted postcard and is full of warm thoughts and wonderful healing energy.  (The person even had advice for me about my CSF leak). What a treat!

love notes fairy
Hand painted postcards

The LOVE goes even deeper

At first, when I got the letter…I was dying to ask my friend who it was. I really wanted to return the favour and let the person on the other end of my blessing know how much it means to me that they took the time…not only to write but to make such a beautiful card.  I wanted to tell her (she did write a name on the card…but that’s it…first name only, no last name, no return address) that her card would stand with all the other wonderful cards I have received and little keepsakes that are coming in to help me on my journey.  I mean….I was dying to find out.

I was filled with peace and calm that night in my slumber and woke up feeling so wonderful.  The very first thing I thought of, when I awoke, was that postcard sent from a complete stranger. By that next morning, I had realized that I did not, in fact, want to know who my love notes fairy was.

How was it possible that the words of a stranger could fill me up so completely?

I realized that I did not want to unravel the mystery at all.  The excitement feels a little like knowing that Santa Claus is real.  Knowing that magic and marvel exist in the world and that my NOT knowing is part of the equation.

There is a magnificent question whereby you can learn an infinite amount about another person just by the asking.  It is the famous Albert Einstein question: “The most important question you can ever ask is if the world is a friendly place.”

I don’t think it is too difficult to imagine what my answer is to this most fundamental question. (I encourage you to ask it every once in a while and listen for the answers that people give).

So there I was, happy as a clam on Wednesday to receive a postcard from a friendly stranger, and then LO AND BEHOLD….an anonymous card sitting in my mailbox on Friday! Woohoo! The world really IS a friendly place!

Thank you so much to my #love notes fairy (x2)…for showing me just how friendly this big old world can be.

Love Ingrid x

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P.S. I have a pretty good idea what happened here and am feeling so blessed that there are people out there who really just want the world to be a better place (*hint…those hashtags sometimes lead to the most magical of places)

P.P.S. More love notes (x3) coming…there are fairies everywhere…thank you! If you are interested in becoming a love notes fairy click the link (you can also nominate someone you think needs a little love in their life)!

love notes to ingrid
love notes fairy