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Lucky me!

I like to keep things around me that remind me of people and events that have meaning in my life.

I have always loved photographs and I keep a number in my phone that remind me of my parents and my brother.  I can take a moment every now and then to look back at my ‘photo album’ and glance back in time.  I have some selfies with my husband that I particularly like, so I keep them for when I am sitting in a doctor’s office or waiting for the dentist to arrive.  I insist on taking a selfie when my niece and nephew are around so that I can easily access a quick trip down memory lane.

As I mentioned in another post, I also have beaded bracelets that I wear to bring some awareness back to myself.  To keep me grounded or to bring me back to a place of peace and calm.  I roll the beads between my fingers to remind myself to let go of fear and to leave it up to the Universe to take care of me.

Recently, a very dear friend of mine, gave me a necklace that I immediately put on as a new amulet of hope and strength.  As you can see in the photograph, there is one larger Tree of Life along with a smaller one and a wing.  The necklace came with this note as well:


Sometimes life is a battle,

with plenty of hills to climb.

Look inside your heart for strength

and peace of mind.

You are an “Earth Angel”.

Believe in yourself

and take one step at

a time! ©

I wept when I read those words, as I knew that my friend could see that this illness (CSF Leak) is a struggle that I am learning to live with day by day.  She said that as soon as she read the poem she just grabbed it (not even looking at the others on offer).  I now wear it all the time to give me more strength and courage to make it through each day.  It really has become a symbol of love and courage for me.  I am so grateful to all my ‘Earth Angels’ for loving me and encouraging me each and every day.

I find these ‘reminders’ to be of great benefit to me.  Things that I can feel to give me a sensory reminder of all the goodness in my life.  I used to carry smooth rocks in my coat pocket or in the pocket of my purse.  I do have a yoga mala in the bottom of my purse that I sometimes take out to to remind myself of all the good things that have happened in my life.  As I count off each bead I name a gratitude for each one.  It usually takes me about three or four beads to realize that whatever I am worried about is not very important.

I can let off steam, or invoke those I love, or access my own inner strength when I bring my thoughts back to these cherished items of mine.

What kind of things do you use to settle your thoughts or to cherish your loving memories?

Love Ingrid x

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© Earth Angel Est. Nova Scotia Canada www.theangelsofourlives.com

(I do not endorse any company but feel it important to note the origin of the necklace as the poem is copyrighted)