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PJs Inside Out…check!

As an elementary school teacher, the first snow fall of the year hearkens in a change of tone in the classroom.  Fall is definitely over and the time of talking about the magic of winter starts in earnest.  The only thing better than the first snowfall is when it creates the double magic of being a Snow Day on top of that proverbial sundae of days, the first snowfall of the year.

Last night, as is my habit, regardless of my current situation, I kept an eye on the weather forecast for this morning anxiously anticipating the possibility of a snow day.  I texted a few of my teacher peeps to remind them of our teacher-creed of wearing our pyjamas inside out, and went to sleep late, comfortable in the knowledge that almost 4 centimetres of snow already lay blanketed on the ground outside.  The stage was definitely set for the first snow day of the year. When I awoke….


Here in Ontario, where I live, teachers still go to school on a snow day.  The buses are cancelled sometime around 6:30 am or so, but we still make our way into school as the doors are not closed to students.  It is the promise of a peaceful day however as so many students are unable to make it in inclement weather.

We gather up all the students in each Division, and in Kindergarten, we take a shift throughout the day.  The really wonderful part of a snow day is getting to know students from other classes.  Everyone is on their best behaviour, as they’re being paired with students whom they only ever see at recess or the end of the day.  We are asked to organize one large period of the day with activities, snack, and learning centres all at our own discretion.

And then….we get our room all to ourselves.

We get to clear up any activity centres, go through cupboards that are bursting now with materials and craft supplies.  We get to actually plan with one another and plot out the next few weeks of our programming.  Maybe we want to really set out our assessment goals or make sure we are incorporating a certain strain of a given subject.  A snow day is a peaceful, breather day, that we all cherish as a time to get one step ahead before the super-charged season of the holidays approaches.

Things were very different here for our little family.  With my husband working soundlessly in the next room, me at my computer when I could bear to look at the screen, and the dogs quietly working on a beef bone, snow day took on a different meaning for me today.  It was met with quiet…stillness in our house.  We were hunkered down.  We slowly got moving…we took a little longer with our morning coffee this morning.

I realized as the day went on…a little melancholy was beginning to creep in as I realize that now I am rounding up to the fourth season of having a headache.  Fall is really finished and winter is here.  That means it has been a Spring, a Summer, a Fall, and now a Winter.  I still feel no further ahead of this illness and the quiet of Winter is approaching.  A time when I will not feel the urge to go outside.  A time when many of us isolate ourselves until Spring emerges.  I knew, today, that I must steel myself against loneliness and boredom.  I must make my days feel worthwhile.  I must set my goals for a new dawn, a new day, and a new outlook for the months to come.

There is one little guy who was just as excited as my little Kindergarten charges of last year though! My little buddy just reveled in the snow today (his fur-sister was not impressed at all by the winter fluff, she stayed out just long enough to get her business done and then tapped on the glass to be let in).  My Riley, though, it was like he had never seen snow before, as he reacquainted himself with the joys of bounding along in a garden full of white fluff! He padded along, sometimes lifting a toe in surprise as his paws got cold from the ground, now.  He still made his usual rounds, gate, fence, far fence, round the bend, all the way to the back gate, far fence again, and back to the door.  He always takes his duties very seriously…snow day or not!

I realized, as I watched Riley, I had my very example of how to approach the coming days.  Do the things you can and need to do.  Get it done!  After all, who is going to do it for me?!

Love Ingrid x

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