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You've Got Mail!

I mean real live mail!

I love MAIL.  I love letters.  I love postcards. I love opening the mailbox and finding something.  I love mail.

When I was a young girl growing up in Ottawa, Ontario, I loved to write letters.  My mother asked me often to sit down and write a letter to my Grandmother or one of my Aunts to let them know how things were going.  I was always required to write a ‘Thank You’ card, no matter how big or how small the gift I received, and I loved creating Xmas cards and sending them off in a huge bundle.

I will admit to being very enthusiastic with the advent of the computer and email.  I would get very excited in those early dial-up days to see that an email message was there awaiting my reply.  I would get the message from a friend from afar (my husband and I were living overseas so it was extra special) and we would read and respond with witty banter or family updates and it held our attention and our hearts for a good portion of the day or week.  Honestly, in those early days, we may talk about our emails at the dinner table.  We might even share insights and giggles from a friend’s email with others.  It really was a novelty.

As with so many things in life, now that email messages are read on the fly, and you have just to pick up your phone and see a one paragraph halted, highly edited version of a message, often with no greetings or attention to context, the email seems just not so special anymore.

In my efforts to stave off depression due to my illness, I decided that I would make it my mission to write letters.  I mean, real live letters.  A few years ago, I started to write letters for fun, just to let someone know I was thinking of them.  The response was incredible.  People went out of their way to thank me and congratulate me on surprising them with words on a page.  I realized the power of GIVING MY TIME IN WRITING.

Writing letters is an activity that takes just a few minutes that can have a lasting impact on the person who receives your love.

When I sit down to write a letter, I think carefully about that person.  I really want them to know about how I feel about them at that moment.  If I take the time to think about them over the course of a few days before sitting down to write, I know my words will flow out of me.  I know I am sending along LITTLE PACKETS OF LOVE and it makes me feel so good.  I love spreading love whenever I can but when I do it in letters it makes it that much more meaningful.

I am encouraging you, if you are at all the kind of person who loves to receive mail, that there are so many of your friends and family who will DELIGHT in finding a hand-written letter at their doorstep, should you decide to write them.  Putting a little packet of love in someone’s day not only does wonders for them…you, too, will find a little hop in your get-along as well.

Writing letters really is SOMETHING WONDERFUL in my day.

Love Ingrid x

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  1. Love your blog Ingrid, your writing style is almost like having a conversation between friends. I too love getting stuff in the mail, little silly packages or letters. If you send me your address, I’ll send you mine and we can be pen pals!

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