Promise me this…

Promise lies in everything

Promises are important in life.

Do you ever feel that no matter what happens in your life, the pieces just don’t seem to be falling into the right places?  Does it feel that life offers no sense of hope and promise?

We are taught early on that it is important to keep promises and that your word is your bond.  I think that’s why I love nature so much. It is a sure certainty that if we go out in nature it will be filled with delights, if you know how to find them.  Nature assures us of a cycle and a system in life that can help us to reevaluate ourselves.

Nature is our daily promise.

Promise lies in wait for us to see it

If you look at the mums that are about to blossom…and you come along on my train of thought a little…you may see why I look at them and see hope and certainty.

First, as you know, I suffer from a chronic illness currently so I can get filled with doubt.  One of the problems of having to deal with challenges of any kind, and especially difficult challenges, is that you have to live right this second in a turmoil of emotion and pain.  Getting caught in this whirlwind of chaos seems to be able to constantly try to pull us away from our sense of balance and peace.

Secondly, like anyone who has struggled in their lives (whether it be illness, relationship troubles, family dynamics, or work related stresses) it can feel overwhelming and seem like there is no way OUT of suffering.  We feel quickly, with one issue piling on top of another, that there seems to be no light.  That as a consequence of our focusing on the problem, it has gotten worse and not better.  The promise and certainty of a brighter day gets harder and harder to rely on. We’re in a negative mindset


Promise is in the simple things

Turn to the simple things.  Things you know. Things that go forth despite everything around it being out of sync.

When we turn to a simple flower aching to bloom, we are reminded that, in the simple act of being a flower it is offering a view into something yet to come.  The flower is poised to bloom you see.  I don’t think it sits and wonders if it will bloom, or if it will be beautiful…it just does its flower thing.

By virtue of focusing all our attention on an emerging flower, we are creating the seed of thought that ‘maybe tomorrow it will bloom’.  If you can remember that when you struggle….maybe tomorrow you will have less pain….maybe tomorrow you will see something beautiful….maybe tomorrow you will laugh harder…maybe tomorrow…

Everything has a promise…I promise!

Love Ingrid x

P.S. What things bring promise to your day?


3 thoughts on “Promise me this…

  1. What a lovely thought. I look out of my bedroom window at my garden when I rise out of bed and count my blessings. Then I make a hot drink, go back to bed for a bit of contemplation, prayer and meditation. It sets me up for the day ahead.

  2. Brigid,
    I too believe so strongly that it is up to me to set myself up for the kind of day I want to have. I have adopted a dear friend’s quote. She says that rather than say to people ‘have a great day’ we say ‘make it a great day’ as it has the inherent implication of it being our responsibility to make it happen. This is the topic of my next piece that I am going to write!

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