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My 'Something Wonderful'

Well, Hello…and welcome to ‘SOMETHING WONDERFUL’.

I hope to be able to share the wonderful things that help me make it through each day, and in doing so, maybe I can make your day a little brighter!

A little about myself…

I am lying in bed and have been for the past 6 months.  I have an illness that I will be happy to elaborate on a little later, but suffice it to say that, as a teacher and generally busy kind of person for most of the my 50 years on the planet, being unable to do much of anything has had its trials and tribulations.

It is up to me now, to share with you, some of the WONDERFUL things I have been able to put into place in my life to make sure that….although my days are vastly different than they were 6 months ago…they are of no less VALUE to me.  I have been able to find ‘SOMETHING WONDERFUL’ in each and every day and for that I am very GRATEFUL.

If you will allow me to come onto your screen, when you feel the urge to visit my little blog, I hope you will go away with a little ‘SOMETHING WONDERFUL’ of your own that can help you to see the good there IS in EACH and EVERY one of your days too!

Thank you so much for making your way here…I look forward to meeting you.


Ingrid x

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