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Enjoying the little pleasures…

Make sure to enjoy the little pleasures in life


There are perks to any challenge if you are willing to look for them. Coffee for me has largely been a grind the beans, add water, push start, and a few minutes later…out comes a brewed pot of coffee.  Simple little pleasures that I enjoy every day.  In my work life, I had one cup in the morning as I read my emails and perused a little Facebook, and one for my travel mug to take to work.  I rarely got even one sip of the latter down, to be honest, as the rush of my morning school routine rarely allowed me the luxury of stopping to enjoy my second cup.

My doctor RECOMMENDED, seeing as I have a suspected CSF leak, that I increase my caffeine intake and so mostly I just made sure that I had that second cup each day.  I am at home in bed most of the day, so it was no trouble to sip and languish with that indulgent SECOND CUP a little longer each day.

Upon further research, and after talking to others, most people have recommended extra caffeine intake as a way of alleviating pain.  Caffeine increases the production of Spinal Fluid so it’s good for those of us suffering from low pressure.  And Boy Oh Boy! Did I take it to heart! I got out my trustee espresso pot, I grind up delicious beans, and froth my milk with gusto.  This process of really diving into making a delicious cup of java has turned into a regular SOMETHING WONDERFUL for me when I feel up to it.

Now, you may say…I don’t have a CSF leak, why would I bother?! What does this have to do with me?!

Little pleasures can bring more joy to your day

And here it is….when we take time to do a task that gives us joy…when we really break things down to a step-by-step process and relish in each step, WE BRING JOY TO THE SIMPLEST TASK.  Whether you are making a glorious cup of coffee, folding the laundry, making a present for a loved one, creating something from scratch….it doesn’t really matter what the task is….it is that you are loving the ‘being in the task’ that makes it all seem so much more VALUABLE when you get to enjoy your labours after all is said and done.

(Sometimes I break it down to doing prep the night before and making it in steps one at a time as it can be difficult for me to be upright for too long)!

So, let me ask you this…..what simple pleasures bring you joy each day? Are there simple activities that you can do that can add that ‘love of being in the task’ to help to bring more joy to your day? I hope you can come up with a long list of LITTLE PLEASURES that you can start to add to your daily or weekly routine.

Little pleasures can plant the seeds of joy!

Love Ingrid x

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2 thoughts on “Enjoying the little pleasures…

  1. Congratulations on your first post Ingrid – love it! One of my simple pleasures is a nightly routine of combing out my dog Bruno. I love it when he lies on his back, paws in the air and closes his eyes in bliss while I comb and untangle his hair. Wishing for some relief for you!

    1. Hilary,
      That sounds really marvellous and must make you feel so great knowing that you are making your little fur baby happy and comfortable….and loved. It really is transformative knowing you are performing a simple ritual that can bring peace.
      Thanks for the encouragement!
      Love Ingrid x

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