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Meditation Flowers Send Thoughts to Those I Love

My Morning Meditation Flowers Open Each Day

Today is another very special day.

Each morning, when I wake up, I go out to my garden for a few minutes to set my head right after the night’s rest.  I say rest, but honestly, as I live in constant headache pain due to my illness, I often do not have much rest.

At first, I was struggling against this lack of sleep, and I could quickly see that, if I allowed myself to struggle, I would end up working away at myself and my spirit would take a heavy toll.  Those ugly thoughts would emerge and I would feel even worse.

So, I decided to change my morning routine in an effort to reset my frame of mind each day.  When I first was hit with this illness, I had three friends who were diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time.  I decided to go out to my garden every day and choose a meditation flower to set my intentions for a new day of POSSIBILITIES. I chose ONE FLOWER for each of my three friends, and one for myself.

How I use my meditation flowers to help myself and others

Upon each flower, I would think carefully upon that person and name, out loud, the wonderful qualities that makes me happy to be friends with them.  If they had a difficult procedure coming up I would pray that they would have the strength to endure, or just simply, I would ask that they know how much I love them and send them my feelings of happiness and HOPE.  In essence, I gave away as much LOVE as I could on each one of those flowers and it made me feel wonderful.

The last flower I would choose would be the one for MYSELF.  I would look very carefully at all the new flowers, or flowers that had changed overnight, and choose my very favourite for that day.  Allowing myself to really contemplate and carefully decide on which flower to choose gave space for me to let everything else go and to open myself up to SOMETHING WONDERFUL that was waiting for me that day.  I would set my intentions by offering what I could for that day: maybe I would try to accomplish one task, maybe I would make one phone call to a friend, write a letter to a loved one, or I might even ask for doctors to be open-minded, curious, attentive and to hear my symptoms with what is called ‘the beginner’s mind’ and then I would send all my love and affection to that flower.

These flowers have changed a lot for me

This practice that I started made a huge impact on how I treated the beginning of each and every day.  It still does.  It allowed me to let go of my fears of living in constant pain and opened up my heart to see the small beauties that exist despite my illness.  By focusing my attentions on others I could feel a shift in my spirit that wanted to do more for others and to take myself out of my own despair. I could feel my spirit healing and becoming stronger and I sensed that that was necessary for me to move forward each day. I was building a meditation of HOPE.

Although the flowers are fading now, I will turn my attention to other elements of nature that I can look to for my MORNING MEDITATION.  Now that the leaves have started to fall, I am noticing that I can choose my favourite one for the day and start my practice anew….

Do you find it hard to focus your attention?  Can meditation flowers help to guide your thoughts each day?

You can choose anything for a morning meditation. I suggest choosing something that is close by so that you do not have to use a tremendous effort to be in its presence.  Some ideas I have had are naming the sounds in nature, leaves as they fall, choosing a bird that flies into a particular tree, clouds in the sky.  For winter I will make my choices from tracks of animals that have visited my yard, changes in nature that I observe, patterns in weather, snowflakes or icicles that change over time.  I am able to see such beauty now even though I live in physical pain and it has made me see SOMETHING WONDERFUL in each and every day.

My wish on my MEDITATION FLOWER for today is that you are all able to see the wonderful that exists in your day, today and every day.

Love Ingrid x

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    1. Thank you so much, Brigid. I would be so thrilled for you to add a link to your blog. I will take the time to go back into your blog to read some of your posts as I am already so intrigued by your list of tag words! Thank you for supporting my blog…I am just learning and building the page as I go…still a little glitchy! Thanks again for the comment, the endorsement, and for following! Make it a great day!
      Love Ingrid

  1. I love your practice of choosing meditation flowers. What a wonderful way to be present to the world right in front of you and to center your thoughts on the love you have for others. Thank you for taking the time to write and share. Sending love your way to ease the pain.

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