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A Little Something

Welcome to ‘Something Wonderful’.

I sincerely hope that that is exactly what you will find here.  As I share with you, through my occasional posts, I hope you start to find a little something wonderful in your life.  We all have challenges and struggles…it is inherent in life itself to meet with adversity. The truth is, as we navigate this big old world, we also encounter so many wonderful things too!

I am finding, that more and more, I bring my ATTENTION to the wonders and in so doing, I find PEACE, HAPPINESS, and CALM. The more I focus, the happier I become. My struggles with chronic illness are real. There is no sense quantifying or ranking them…they just ‘are’. My goal in writing this is to learn, by gently coaxing myself, to see WONDER through the pain. To accept BEAUTY into my heart so that it may help me to HEAL and to go forward each day.

Some days I stumble, some days I am not as strong as I hoped…on those days perhaps I will sit quietly and REFLECT or maybe, I will double my efforts to bring myself the JOY I need to make it a better day.  I have no guarantees…there is no magic potion…but I can assure you that my mindset is changed and that has done my heart a world of good!

Thank you so much for joining me!

Love Ingrid x

4 thoughts on “A Little Something

  1. Beautiful stated. Yes we must find the beauty in our life or the darkness from the chronic pain can eat us alive. I love this idea and communing with nature and its glorious beauty to be mindful of all the good and love in this world. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

    Deana- a follower CSF leaker for 9 years

    1. Thank you Deana! You are my first comment! I am really hoping to learn along with others and to share any successes that I can. Thank you so much for the wonderful first comment…it means so much!

  2. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. The flowers are beautiful and also a way of keeping busy and staying distracted from chronic illnesses.
    Thank you,

    1. Thank you, Devin. I hope you will continue to follow my posts. It is my little way of giving back to the CSF leak community. I am learning to live comfortably in chronic illness and I hope to inspire others or give comfort if I can.
      I am so glad you enjoyed my first entries.
      I am hoping you have a moment of beauty in your day!

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